How-to transfer files from Android to Mac

What you need

Mac and Android need to be connected to the same WiFi


Install WiFi FTP on you Android.

Go to Google Play and install WiFi FTP on your Android device.

Install Cyberduck on you Mac.

Go to the Mac App Store and serch for Cyberduck or press the following link:

Connect your Android with your Mac

  1. Start the WiFi FTP on your Android Device. When you run, it looks like the following print screen:

WiFi FTP View
TP-Link_Nalic, would be your WiFI network name. would be the IP address for the Android device

2121 the Port it need to connect with FTP.

  1. Start Cyberduck on your Mac

Cyberduck - Connection InterfacePut the IP Address in the Server field in this example

Put the Port into the Port field: 2121

Check the Box for Anonymous Login

When you access you should see something like below:

FTP View of Android device

Photos from phone will be saved into the folder DCIM/100MEDIA

Copy the files from your phone to mac and when you are sure you copied everything you can delete it directly from this tool.

You can also find all Whatsapp pictures in one of the folder WhatsApp/Media/WhatApp Images

Videos in the following folder WhatsApp/Media/WhatApp Video

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