London Mela 2011 with Jay-Sean, Richi Rich & Juggy D

London Mela 2011

London Mela 2011 with Jay-Sean, Richi Rich, Juggy DHi everyone, this years London Mela 2011 it was quite amazing.

The highlight was sure when Jay Sean was performing with Rishi Rich and Juggy D.

But also the other performances as also the DJ Sets where memorable, if you never went for it, you sure should go.


I made photos from the:

Main Stage

Performance of: Ash King, Metz & Trix feat. Joga & Surinder Rattan, Hunterz, Jay Sean feat. Rishi Rich & Juggy D, Jazzy B, Mumzy Stranger feat. Junai Kaden, Lehmber Hussainpuri

Hosted by: Tommy Sandhu from the Breakfast show & Noreen Khan from the afternoon show.

DJ Set: Dipps Bhamrah, DJ Kayper & Sonny Ji


Mix Tent

Performance of: Kamal Raja, Metz & Trix, Kan D Man feat. DJ Limelight, Donae’o

Hosted by Nihal

DJ Set: Sonny Ji, Jags Klimax & DJ Kayper


Introducing Stage

Performance of: Sam Khan feat. RKZ, The Truth feat. Mehi, Foji & Kan D Man, Shizzio feat. Tiny Iron, Foji

Hosted by Bobby Friction

DJ Set: DJ Sachy



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